Survivor 1 presented a fashion show in Soho, at the Apostles Gallery.


I presented textual floral art for survivors from Sandy at Kearny Bank.


I presented textual art for surivors of cancer and severe aplastic anemia at the Vanderbilt.

In honor of my grandfather and blood line
Warriors and heroes
Astoria Film Festival Contest Award Entry Song: Heart Mural and Screen Play celebrating survivors of the Holocaust. My grandfather rescued forty-one refugees from the Nazis with his family by hiding them in the confines of their cargo and ferry ship and transporting them to Shetland during a wicked storm. The story is recorded in history books throughout Norway and Europe.  My grandfather was a very quiet and humble man.  He never bragged or spoke about the war or being a hero. You can view his story in the book The Shetland Bus (American version), Over Fjord Og Fjell and a variety of books throughout Europe. Artists have drawn pictures of the ship stuck in a steep abyss after they sailed into what they knew would be a wicked storm. 
Rich Perotta Marvel Pic.jpg
Artwork By Richard Perotta: Artist for Marvel
I would like to thank my gifted friend for drawing this picture for me. He is not just a gifted artist, but he is a warrior with a beautiful heart.  He is not just fighting cancer right now, but continues to create amazing and inspirational drawings for others. 
I would like to thank neil horikoshi, who is the ceo and executive director of the aa mds international foundation for reading my book. he is a survivor of severe aplastic anemia. he battled this painful, life threatening and rare disease for twenty years. he has dedicated his life to helping other people who are fighting for their lives.
brooklyn taberacle.jpg
 Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
In Honor of my friend, Rebecca Encaracion, who is part of the choir at the Brooklyn tabernacle. She has also assisted in feeding the homeless and first aid responders, who have not had time to eat as a result of the impact of the coronavirus.. She has also done missionary work in sunset park. I grew up in sunset park, brookyn over a latin church, and it brings me great joy to discover that she has Done a lot of missionary work to help people in the community who have suffered from Drug addictions and homelessness. She is a true sister in christ. 
carmelas book.png


In Honor of my friend Carmela Sciano, who is an extroardinary life and business coach.

I was part of her powerful you network, which helped transform women's lives. I also presented my textual art there and shared my story with other women who also shared their stories. this was a rewarding experience.

Carmela Schiano is the Founder and President of Live Free Coaching, LLC. She is certified as a Professional Life and Business Coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is also a leader for the Staten Island North Powerful You Women’s Networking Group. Carmela is certified as an Energy Leadership Index-Master Practitioner.