I have a Master of Arts degree. I also graduated with permanent state certification to teach English. I learned how to play the piano and studied music by professionals. I write and compose my own music.

I am also a member of SAGAFTRA. I worked as an English teacher for fifteen years and I also taught art at an assisted living home which was a very rewarding experience for me. I still love the residents and my former boss very much.

     However, I believe that my new goal is to use my creative background to create artistic and literary works that represents healing, strength and fortitude for people who are striving to overcome extreme emotional and physical adversities. 

     Survivor 1 stands for someone who has unwavering strength, is a fighter and refuses to give up on life.  

     I grew up over a Latin Church in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. My faith in God has helped me overcome many adversities. 

Jennifer Joy